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Meet the face behind Dickson Tax!

Caleb Wray

Mr. Wray is a Tennessee native from West Tennessee. He moved to the Dickson County area the first week of 2018. In June of 2020, he left his former firm to open Dickson Tax Services. Mr. Wray has helped many clients in Dickson County and the surrounding areas. He first learned about taxes in his college accounting classes at the University of Memphis. While he understood (or so he thought) the tax world, he never imagined this would be his work.

After paying an exorbitant amount of taxes into the IRS one year as well as large preparation fees, Caleb decided to learn how to use the system to his advantage. He enrolled in a tax preparation course and learned the tricks of the trade. Since then, he enjoys helping other individuals learn the tax world to better themselves. His goal is to help clients minimize their tax liability using all the ways allowed by the IRS.

Caleb also serves as the evangelist for the Rock church of Christ in Charlotte. He moved to this area in 2018 to become the preacher there and enjoys working with the community. Caleb also owns a small consulting business assisting businesses, individuals, and non-profits. He and his team members work to help each entity represent their best self. Caleb is a member of the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce, serves on the state board for Tennessee Friends of the Library, and recently served in an accounting role for Dickson County Relay for Life.

Come and meet Caleb today and let him assist you in your tax journey!